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About us

  • Connection Control was created in 2015, and our goal was to provide safe electronic services, electronic implementation, electrical commissioning, and indispensable electric revisions. Complete electronic constructions, electrical installations. Thanks to our well-qualified and innovative experts, and that our strategy is based on safety, we could manage to finish a high number of projects in a short period of time, and our references can convince you to be our next partner. Feel free to contact us. We can provide you precise work with a correct price, thanks to the experience gained in the last 6 years.


Electronic planning

Our firm has excellent engineer connections, to provide successful and up-to-date plans.

Electronic implementation

Complete electronic implementation and restoration of buildings and industrial facilities.

Safety examination

Safety examination of facilities

Technical management

Comprehensive inspection of new and already running projects.

Technical consultance

We provide remote maintenance and technical help to previous and new clients.

IT implementation

Planning, maintenance and implementation of IT systems.


Controlling industrial processes, machines, industrial facilities, technical building systems, and geothermal wells.


Industrial process controlling unit programming (PLC), unique software development.

Our partners

Since we started our journey, we worked with countless companies, including the biggest hungarian building industries.

Having the experience we gained with the projects finished together, we can provide professional and economical solutions for everything.


Our electricians showed their skills throughout the whole country.

Our goal is to extend our colourful partner scheme.

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